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Important note - EMAIL

There is important note about EMAIL as below.

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Some email service may filter or blocking our email addresses. Please be sure to SAVE DollClans emails to your safe list.

DollClans is not responsible to any circumstances due to email service provider filtering or blocking our emails.

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One customer can have only one account.

To preventing customer acquire event gifts or receive promotion gift several times intentionally.

In case if we find out a customer who does not follow this term, duplicate ID or email or PayPal account, customer might be prohibited to receive any event gifts or join special event held by DollClans.

We seek for your understanding.

Account Settings

  1. How do I change my password ?
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  2. How do I change my name, address, email and avatar?
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Suitable body for DollClans doll head

First of all, please understand that currently DollClans produce dolls based on our own skin colors. Doll colors might not be compatible with other companies.

  • Please check color compatible when you select the body for your doll. DollClans' dolls are produced by our own skin color, which might not compatible with your preferred body.
  • Please check each doll's neck measurement and sample hybrid doll photo with body in each item page.
  • There might be some different colors in each batch between DollClans doll heads and other companies. Because different batch / year produced. We seek for your understanding.
  • We will not be responsible for non-compatible hybrid. Please kindly check vary information from other companies / dolls collectors.

U Line doll head

For U Line, it's suitable for 65cm range body. Or 70cm range body.
For example : DollClans U Line and Y Line, VOLKS SD17 body, Infiniti Doll SID body, LUTS Super Senior Delf body, Spirit Doll Proud ver.2 body and others.

In promotion photos, we used DollClans U Line and Y Line body, Infiniti Doll SID body and Spirit Doll proud ver.2 body.

S Line doll head

For S Line, it's suitable for 70cm range body. Or taller.
For example : DollClans S Line, Spirit Doll Proud ver.2 body, Spirit Doll Herculean body, LUTS Super Senior Delf body and others.

In promotion photos, we used DollClans S Line body, Spirit Doll proud ver.2 body.

Varies make-up option FAQ


  1. Q: Do you offer default make-up?

    A: Yes, we try to offer default make-up for every dolls. However, sometimes when default artist is not available, we might not accept make-up orders temporarily until we can find another artist.

  2. Q: There are 2 versions of make-up for doll in item page.
    But why I have only one choice to choose? For example, can I choose Raykit's make-up option?

    A: Available make-up option is only make-up you can order.

    For character's make-up, as same as photo, we're sorry to tell you that we cannot offer make-up for you.
    Because every dolls designed by DollClans, are specially designed characters. 
    The make-up is belonged to their characters.
    Those make-ups will be called 'Character make-up' and not offered.

    For example, artist 'Raykit' is our main artist who works mainly for character's make-up design, and some limited / one-off make-up heads through special event.
    Sometimes, the artist accepts default make-up orders for some sculpts, in limited quantities each time.
    Please also beware that default make-up might be changed for each pre-order.

    However, all make-up customers can order will be different from character make-up.

  3. Q: How many make-up artists are working for DollClans?

    A: Depended on work plan.
    Our main make-up artists are 'Raykit', 'Kokoro Box' and 'ESTEBEBE'.
    Sometimes we also do cooperation with other Thai make-up artists in some special event too, such as, 'Shun Acho' and 'Atrium Hoshino'.

    Most of make-up artists who works for DollClans are living in Thailand.
    Except ESTEBEBE, who is the make-up shop service located in South Korea.
    So we cannot offer small changes to default make-up which has done by ESTEBEBE. (Please refer to more info in Q.4).

    NOTE: Currently ESTEBEBE are no longer working on makeup with DollClans until further notice.

  4. Q: I order default make-up, but I require some changes.
    For example, default make-up has brown eyebrows but I want black eyebrows. Can artist do it for me?

    A: Depended on artist who works on make-up you ordered.

    For example, main artist as 'Raykit' or 'Kokoro Box' or artist located in Thailand, will be able to do small changes for your order.
    However, if the default make-up is done by foreign make-up artist 'ESTEBEBE' from South Korea, we cannot accept custom request. 

    For limited / one-off make-up small changes request, we do not accept any changes request.

    We seek for your understanding.

  5. Q: Do you accept request make-up (custom make-up)?

    A: We're very sorry. We do not offer custom make-up order.

  6. Q: Make-up is not look like promotional photos! Why?

    A: All make-up are handmade work. Each head will be painted by hands by each artist. 
    There might be some different details on each head because all work are handmade.
    We seek for your understanding.

  7. Q: Make-up is damaged. Can you re-do make-up for me?

    A: In case make-up is damaged during shipping, please refer to exchange and refund policy and contact us immediately and within 7 days after you received product.

    In case make-up is damaged after customers play with the doll as doll owner, we have after service for you, with make-up payment required.
    Price is as same as the make-up price when the doll was sold. However price may changed depended on varies factors.

    This is included for default, limited and one-off make-up.

Re-do make-up service for default, limited make-up or one-off item

  • Please contact us if the make-up is worn-off and discuss details with us.
  • Re-do make-up service required: Doll head that make-up is worn-off, certificate, order number when you purchased the head, customer ID/ full name/ address/ email/ tel no.
  • When you agree to re-do make-up service, DollClans will require payment for make-up cost and return shipping cost.
  • Please beware limited and one-off make-up price is more expensive than default make-up.
  • For default make-up, please send the head with certificate to DollClans. If the make-up is not clean, we will require make-up cleaning cost.
  • For limited / one-off make-up, please send the head with old limited / one-off make-up and limited/one-off certificate to DollClans. Please do not clean the head, this is for limited / one-off confirmation.
  • We do not accept custom request. We will do make-up as same as old make-up.
  • There might be some different from old make-up because make-up is all handmade paint.
  • Re-do make-up service will be required 30~40 working days before shipping.

    For make-up done by ESTEBEBE artist, we might need to discuss in each issue.
    Because ESTEBEBE is foreign artist and located in different country with DollClans. It is hard to make a re-do make-up service per head.

If you have any question regarding to make-up questions, please feel free to contact us by email or Q&A board.


DollClans normal skin

Normally our manufacturer produces our doll head based on our own color.
Which might not compartible with your own head or body from other companies.
We are unable to provide detailed information or reply for color compatible with other doll companies.

We're now offering only normal skin color. Except special skin color described in each product, please carefully read information in our product page before ordering.

However, color maybe different by batch due to factory production because of handmade products.
We seek for your understanding.

Do you have other skin tones? Ex. white or tan skin?

Sadly now we're offering only normal skin for our doll. We haven't planned about other skin doll yet.
We hope we able to do any other skin colors in the future.

However, we prefer these other skin dolls to be released in full doll / limited dolls.
Because white or tan skin color maybe is harder to find perfect hybrid color.
We would like to avoid difficulties in hybrid skin color. We seek for your understanding.

If there is any news about other skin doll release in the future, we will make announcement :)


How to order your doll?

A: We open sale by pre-order system, which is the most time pre-order period. You could order our doll within announced pre-order time.
Please subscribe our newsletter or follow our news channel (official website notice / Twitter / Facebook) for an instant news about pre-order period.

Why don't you open sale at anytime?

A. We would like to, but due to manufacture causes, we need to arrange our production to be pre-order time period only.

When will you open sale of this [doll name] head?

A. We open pre-order sale of each head randomly. Please wait for our announcement of new pre-order period of the head you would like to order.

However, there is a chance that one head sculpt might have pre-order sale period only once or twice within a year.

For limited head sculpt, if limited pre-order sale period is closed, we will not open pre-order sale period again.
But there is still a chance to purchase sold out limited head sculpt through DollClans' special events.

So please make sure you haven't passed those chances. :)

Could I combine my orders?

Yes, combined orders work as below:

Making 2nd order

  1.  Make new order normally, then select shipping company in shopping cart "EMS" ---> Then select zone "Zone : Other". Shopping cart will show "$0 USD".
  2. Click checkout, then in next page, please write in Order Comments for "Combine order with [#1st order number you want to combine]".
  3. Please do not send payment yet. Please keep your new order number and write to us as below.
Asking for combined order at Q&A board or contact us

  1. Now you have 2 order numbers, old one and new one. Please fill form below and write new topic to us in Q&A board or contact us.

    Subject: Combine order #[1st order no.] and #[2nd order no.]

    Then please write these in message.

    1st order number:
    2nd order number:
    Amount paid: (If you've sent payment for any order already, please notice us.)

  2. Post the message, we will reply back to you with total amount for combined orders with extra shipping cost.

  3. Please manually send payment at PayPal website, normally DollClans do not send PayPal invoice.

    Please state these in your PayPal payment.

    Subject: Payment for order [# new order number]
    Message: DollClans ID: [input your ID] , Name: [input your name and surname from your order].
    This is payment for order [# new order number]. Please combined this order with [# old order number]

  4. DollClans will check your payment within 3 working days and will combine 2 orders and shipped together.

  • DollClans can combine your orders at max 4 orders.
  • If your order status is changed to "Before Shipping", we cannot combined your orders as your package is already packed.

Q. I already made doll order and order period is closed, but is it possible to add extra order?

A. We're sorry we could not allow customer to make extra order after doll pre-order period is closed. Because of nature of pre-order system, DollClans will close pre-order and cut orders after payment deadline. Then calculate all orders before send final amount to manufacturer. Adjusting orders after is complicated.

Please make sure you are satisfied with your order amount before pre-order period closed.

Q. Can I cancel my order? 

A. If you haven't sent your payment for your doll order, you can make cancellation.

If your payment is already confirmed, we cannot cancel your order because we work by pre-order system. 

If you have unavoidable problem, please contact us. There will be a re-stocking fee required for this circumstance. Please make sure before you make any order. 


  • Cancelled order can not be retrieved or changed status. Please place new order.
  • Cancellation before making payment can be made in your order page. Customers can click 'cancle order' in your order page.
  • Cancellation or change cannot be accepted after payment is completed. However, if you wish to cancel order, there will be restocking fee to be applied. Please read information below.
  • Order and reserved items will be cancelled if;
    • Regular items - Payment is not made within 7 days or within pre-order payment period.
    • Limited items - Payment is not made within 3 days or within pre-order payment period. 
  • Order will be cancelled if it contains limited items more than specific quantity we allow to order per customer. Please carefully read each item description.
    We seek for your understanding.


In case you change your mind after completed payment, because all items will be starting to be produced by manufacturer, there will be restocking fee / penalty of cancellation.

DollClans will require restocking fees as below.

  • No restocking fee is applied when you make your cancellation after order payment is confirmed within 3 days. However, there will be transaction fees applied, depended on your payment method.
  • 25% of cancellation restocking fee will be applied between 4~20 days after payment confirmation.
  • 50% of cancellation restocking fee will be applied from day 21 till shipping date after paymen confirmation.
  • 50% of restocking fee and all shipping and returned shipping cost will be customer's responsibility in case items are already shipped and customer's change of mind.


  • Cancellation date request is counted by date / time displayed in email or Q&A board when DollClans staffs receive your request.
  • Payment date is counted by PayPal/Bank transfer transaction date / time displayed in our DollClans email.

Please make careful decision when making your order at DollClans.
We seek for your understanding.


Repeatedly request cancellation for your orders may lead to permanently banned user.
Please be careful on your decision before placing any orders. We seek for your understanding. Thank you.

Q. Why is my order cancelled without any notice?

A. We require customer to make payment within 7 days after you make order and within payment period.

If payment is not confirmed within 7 days after placing order or it exceeds payment period time, the order will be automatically cancelled. 

In case of limited items, please make sure the payment is done within 3 days after placing order or your reservation of the limited items will be cancelled.


Q. Which payment method do you accept? 

Currently we accept 2 payment method.
Our main payment method are PayPal and Bank Transfer (Thai).


Our PayPal account is dollclans@gmail.com.
We accept both PayPal balance and credit card.

  • Please send your payment manually by PayPal after you receive email order confirmation. We do not send PayPal invoice unless extra request.
  • Please state your order number in PayPal payment subject clearly, and write your username in PayPal payment 'Note' section.

Bank Wire Transfer

This is mainly for Thai customers, and including customers who do not have PayPal or credit card.

Customers could use this payment method to send us payment of your order.
Please place your order by selecting "Bank transfer to DollClans bank account" method when you make order.

This payment method needs 1~3 weeks to confirm payment.

  • Contact your bank for requesting Wire Transfer (SWIFT transfer).
  • Please send payment in US Dollar with total price of your order.
  • Please add $20 USD as Bank Wire Transfer fee.
  • For Japanese customers, please use Bangkok Bank account to save transfer fees ($10 USD).
    Or you can make your order through our official dealer DOLK.

This is our information for Bank Transfer payment:

Bank NameKASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited (KBANK)
Bank BranchKasikorn Bank Central World Branch
Bank AddressRoom No.B404 4th Floor, Central World Shopping Center Building, 4 4/1-2 4/4 Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand 
Bank Phone Number+66-2-251-0231-5
Account NameSawettarat Rungrojkittikul
Account Number772-2-32023-3

For Japan Post Bank (Please add fees $10 USD with your order.)
Sample for filling transfer payment form by Japan Post Bank [CLICK PDF]

Bank Name
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (BBL)
Bank Branch
Central World (0879)
Bank Address
4,4/1-2,4 Central World Ratchadamri Pathumwan Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Bank Phone Number
Account Name
Sawettarat Rungrojkittikul
Account Number

When you've sent payment by this method, please provide your bank transfer receipt at our Q&A board with your order number, order date and your username.


We hope this is great news for DollClans customers.
DollClans will launch layaway program as default optional payment method.
Please read all info carefully before apply layaway program.
  1.  Our customers who place order that have basic dolls or limited dolls *FULL DOLL ONLY*.

  2. Our customers who place order in total at least $300 USD (including shipping cost), order must also contains at least one DOLL PART (head or body) . Order without doll part cannot apply for layaway program.

    * Order for layaway must be in ONE order. Combined orders cannot be accepted for layaway program.


We accept PayPal as only payment method.
Please select PayPal as payment method when you make an order.
DollClans PayPal: dollclans@gmail.com

DollClans offer layaway for maximum 60 days 
Last date of payment is last date of 60 days of your first payment date.
Example: Your first payment date is January 15, then last date will be March 15.
  • First deposit must be 30% of your total price.

    Payment must be paid within 7 days after you placed order for basic dolls, 3 days for limited dolls.
    AND within pre-order payment deadline date for your pre-order period.
    Otherwise, your order will be cancelled.
Pre-order period is January 1-7, payment deadline is January 8.
You place order on January 5, you must send first deposit payment within January 8.
  • Payment can be split in 2 or 3 installments.
    • 2 installments - Please pay 30% first, then 70% for last payment.
    • 3 installments - Please pay 30% first, second for 30%, then 40% for last payment.

  • First deposit (first 30% payment), will not be refunded.
    If you do not send last payment within your due date, your order will be cancelled.

    We will make refund immediately without notice.

    We will refund the rest installments but we cannot refund first 30% payment.
    Because we prepare your order since your first payment, we seek for your understanding.
    Please be punctual on your layaway payment plan.
  • You can set installment date for 2nd and 3rd payment. But it must be before the last date of your layaway payment deadline.
  • Please save our email address to your safe list.
    To prevent our email going to your spam folder.
    We will not responsible to this issue if you are unable to receive our email.

  • Please use layaway payment form to let us know you've paid for your layaway payment.
    Form is below.


Make order at our website normally (must meet requirement).
Please write order comment "Layaway payment" and installment date.
[Date below is SAMPLE only. Please write suitable date for layaway period.]

For example :

As in example, you need to make 2nd payment within 7th January.
And make 3rd payment within 1st February.
If there is any changes, please let us know as soon as possible.
Otherwise your order will be cancelled.

  1. After you placed order, please use email form to contact us about your layaway and let us know your order number and your layaway plan.
  2. Please make payment for 2nd and 3rd payment within due date you wrote in plan.
  3. After you completed each payment, please fill the form and let us know you've sent payment to us via email or contact us form.
  4. Your order will be Incompleted until you've completed last payment.
  5. Your order will be produced since you've paid first payment.
  6. Your order status will be changed to confirmed order after you sent last payment.
  7. Your order will be shipped after we've confirmed all of your payments.
  8. We will ship items as soon as package is ready to be shipped.


You need to fill this form and write to us at Q&A board or contact us page after you sent each payment.

  • Q&A subject : [Layaway] (Input your order number in this blanket)
  • Order number :
  • Customer ID :
  • Name and surname :
  • Payment date : (1st payment date) / (2nd payment date) / (3rd payment date)
  • Please write all date you've sent payment to us. So we can check your payment.


    Limited items that can be applied for layaway program is limited FULL DOLLs only.

  • Please be aware about installments date. You must send payment within due date.
    And it must be before last layaway payment of your deadline date. 
    Please fill layaway form and let us know about your payment immediately after you've paid each payment.

  • If you have any questions regarding to layaway program, please ask us at Q&A or our email~!


We ship internationally to any country served by PayPal.
We use EMS shipping method as our default shipping service.

After package is shipped, package will be handed over to EMS carrier.
We are unable to gain extra information of delivery status more than customers.

We will try to provide you our support until final delivery.

Please fill in complete and correct shipping address information when you make your order for faster and secure delivery procedure.

In case package is returned to us due to customer input wrong shipping address, resending package shipping cost will be required and DollClans will send an invoice.

Please carefully check your shipping address when you make an order to avoid this issue.

Each items have different shipping time.

Doll can be shipped within 45~60 business working days.
For detailed information, please carefully read each product details.
Ready made items can be shipped within 5~7 working days after payment is completed.
After your payment is completed for your order, we will start preparing your items.

When your order has been shipped, transit time depends on your location. 
Estimated transit time for EMS shipping method is 5~7 days.

Any delay that might occur might be depended on carrier on each country or customs duty process.

Q. Can you ship my package by registered airmail?

A. Yes, we can. Please read following details.

DollClans has 2 shipping method to choose when you made order.
EMS and registered airmail.

We strongly recommend EMS shipping method for doll parts.
EMS shipping estimate time should take approx no more than 15 working days.
Registered airmail shipping estimate time is around 15~60 working days, depended on location.

Registered airmail shipping method is for package weight under 2 kg.
This shipping method is at your own risk.
In case the package is damaged or lost during transit, there may be differences between registered airmail and EMS in items value considered in refund and exchange policy. Customers need to take it at your risk. 
We do not recommend this method unless your country's shipment system is secure and reliable.

We recommend EMS shipping method for fast and secure shipment.

Q. Tracking number is not updated. What happen? 

A. There are 2 reasons;

  1. DollClans update your EMS tracking number before EMS post service update your tracking number in their system. Please allow approx up to 48 hours and check tracking number again.

  2. If you request DollClans to ship your item with registered airmail, tracking number will be update to "Outgoing International" as its final status at Thailand Post tracking website. Customer needs to check tracking number at your country's post office tracking website. In some countries, tracking service for registered airmail is not provided.

EMS shipping estimate time should take approx no more than 15 working days.
Registered airmail shipping estimate time is around 15~60 working days, depended on location.

We mainly offer EMS shipping method as basic shipment.
If you prefer registered airmail shipping method to save your shipping cost, please make your inquiry at Q&A board with your order number and we will calculate shipping cost for you.

Registered airmail shipping method is at your risk.
In case the package is damaged or lost during transit, there may be differences between registered airmal and EMS in items value considered in refund and exchange policy. Customers need to take it at your risk. 

We recommend EMS shipping method for fast and secure shipment.

Q. I can't find my country in shipping zone. What should I do?

A. Please select "EMS" -> "Zone : Other" when you make an order.

Please contact us at Q&A board regarding to your order's shipping cost.
We will reply with total price and shipping cost and will send PayPal email invoice to your email.

Thailand Post might not provide EMS shipping service to some countries, but offer only registered airmail.
We're very sorry for your inconvenience. 

If you prefer more secure shipping method, we could offer FedEX or DHL shipping, but the cost is extremely expensive.

Q. Please mark low price value on package when you ship my order.

A. Yes, we could mark low price value on your package to avoid high custom fees.
Please let us know your mark price amount in customer request section when you make an order.
Otherwise, DollClans will mark full price on every package.

However, in case the package is damaged or lost during transit, there may be differences in items value considered in refund and exchange policy. Customers need to take it at your risk.

Q. Can you hold my order after shipping estimate time?

A. We could hold order for you for specific issues.

Unable to receive package for shipping address provided

  1. Customer is going to move resident and unable to receive package. 
    In this case, please let us know your new shipping address and when you're ready to let us send package.

  2. Customer is on vacation and can not receive package. 
    In this case, please let us know the estimate date you want us to ship your package.

Combined orders to save shipping cost

  1. Your package is waiting to be shipped, with status "Item processing", and you notice new items to be released very soon with specific date. Please let us know as soon as possible that you want us to hold your package to be combined with new order.

  2. The new order to be combined with hold package MUST be ready-made items that ready to be shipped.

We CANNOT hold your package under these circumstances

  1. Your order status is changed to "Before Shipping", this means your order is already packed and ready to be shipped in few days. We will not unpack the package to combine with other items.

  2. We cannot hold your package to be combined with future released items which do not have specific released date. 
    Example: You saw teaser items that there is no released date announced and want to hold your current order to be combined with new items.

  3. We cannot hold your current doll order to be combined with next pre-order. 
    Example: You currently have doll order from previous pre-order, and want to make a new doll order in upcoming new pre-order. 

    This case, we cannot hold your current doll order to be combined with new doll order from new pre-order period to be shipped together.
    It would take up about extra 3 months to be shipped both. We seek for your understanding.

If there is any other specific situation, please let us know through Q&A board or in customer request in order sheet. We will reply to you as soon as possible. 
Thank you for your understanding.

Dear lovely customers,

We would like to put a notice about customs duty in your country.
Customers are responsible to your own customs duty in your own country.

Normally DollClans will write full price of your order on EMS shipping receipt.
However we could mask lower price as your request at your own risk.
In case the package is lost, we could only refund you for the amount of price marked on package.

We work as these below:


  • We will input invoice paper in every package.
  • We will mark full price on EMS receipt, unless customers request low marked price at your own risk.
  • FOR FRANCE: We will put paper invoice OUTSIDE the box only. 

    * If you request for low marked price, please also request for edited invoice. Otherwise we will input normal invoice in package.


  • We will input invoice paper in every package.
  • We will put customs paper on package and write full price unless customers request for low marked price at your own risk.
  • Sometimes we will not input invoice paper in package, or there is no customs paper on box. This depended on post office we used, they require the paper differently.



Sometimes customers reported us about their package stuck at customs or post office.
Please allow us to give suggestion for you to follow these steps to retrieve your package.

  1. Please use "tracking number" of your package to contact with your post office or customs, to ask about your package status (by website, by phone or anything else. Please choose contact method that is the best for your own).

  2. Please track your package status from post office or customs to keep / update process.
    If your post office or customs require any document from sender, please contact DollClans immediately. We will provide required document as soon as possible.

  3. Please note that we cannot contact your post office or customs unless they require information or document from us. Retrieving package will proceed more smoothly from receiver's side. DollClans will help customers to retrieve package as best as we could. However we also kindly ask customers to help us contact with your post office or customs.

  4. IF, you use agent to receive your package from different country, please contact your own agent about your package. As they will be the company who is handling your package with post office or customs in that country. Please understand that it is hard for us to deal with 3rd person in this case.

If you have any questions regarding about customs duty, please let us know.
We will try to help you as best as we could :)

Yours Sincerely,

In case your package was returned to us due to some reasons, we will consider solution as below.

  1. Customer pays for new shipping cost.

    We will request new shipping cost in case; 
    1. Customer failed to receive items within delivery range (depended on destination country's post service.)
    2. Incompleted / incorrect address. If we checked customer's information is incorrect, shipping cost will be charged.
    3. Destination country's post service is at fault of delivery.

  2. DollClans pay for new shipping cost.

    In case it is our own fault for failed delivery, such as address was incorrect because of our own mistake, we will arrange new delivery free of charge.

Return and Exchange Policy

General information for defective, damaged or mistaken items
These policies are effective to all return and exchange policy.
Defective, damaged or mistaken merchandise will be followed by these policies.

  1. All DollClans products are non-refundable.
    Except for wrong or defective items.

  2. Return and exchange policy are all based on EMS tracking delivery date.   

  3. Return policy can be effective only within 7 days after you received products.
    Please make sure you inspect your item immediately after you received your order.

  4. These cases are not considered as defective and are not applied to return policy.
    As they are unavoidable flaws originated from our manufacturing process.

    • Very fine dust and bubbles.
    • Color spots and marbling. They're minor color differences causing on the manufacturing process. Especially the back part of eyes holes (inside head).
    • Residues caused by opening gate holes, or from parting lines and sanding process.
    • Minor color differences or scratches caused by sanding process.
    • Minor defect which is not on doll's face surface and not effect to makeup process.
    • Headcap which is not perfectly fit with the face part that do not cause problem while handling the doll head. Which may caused originally from sculpting process.
    • Loose elastic tension.
    • Detached headplate and magnets caused by transportation.

      Please carefully read each product details before make an order.
      In case you're unsure about the defect, please contact us with your detailed information.
      We will do our best to find the best solution for our customers.

  5. Customers must provide required information to DollClans.
    We need detailed description of defective or mistaken items, order number, order date, shipping and delivery date, photo of EMS receipt on package and photo of claimed items to check with information we have in system. And to provide customers fast and better service.    

  6. Customers must provide photos of defective items to DollClans.
    We need detailed photos of defective or mistaken items. Please send us an email of clear photos of defective items or parts. So we could find our best solution and provide customers fast and better service.

  7. Item must be in same condition when you open package.
    Including any accessories, certificate or any items included in original packaging as in new conditions.
    Item that has been damaged or modified or is used by customer, it could not be claimed for return and exchange policy.

  8. Please return item within 7 working days after return claim is accepted.
    Otherwise we cannot offer new replacement or refund any cost.

  9. Requests for replacement or refunds will not be granted until your returned packages have been received, and items are as same as new conditions.

  10. Please provide photo of shipping receipt of returned package.
    When we accepted return claim and need to refund shipping cost, please provide us photo of shipping receipt, we will refund shipping cost to you after we receive returned package.

  11. Refund will be made to same PayPal account you paid with your order.
    Except other reasonable circumstance, please contact us via Q&A board.

  12. Sometimes we might ask you to destroy items instead of return them to us.
    We will ask you after we consider situation.

In case your item is missing in delivery, there are 2 circumstances;

Item missing from your order.

Please contact us immediately after you received package.
Most policies are as same as defective and mistaken items.

Please provide required information to us.

  • Photo of all items you received
  • Photo of EMS receipt on package
  • Order number and delivery date

We will check your order with our shipping department and will reply to your issue.

Item missing by EMS.

If EMS takes shipping time more than usual and EMS tracking is not updated for both THAILAND POST we use and at your country post tracking website, please contact us immediately.

Please provide required information to us.

  • Order number, tracking number and shipping date

Information will be sent to EMS investigation.
We will check up with EMS courier service about your package.
We kindly ask customer to check up with your package courier who is responsible to EMS package
in your country and please provide us any information you have received.

In case package is finally considered as "Lost / Missing" by EMS service, any refunds will be made followed by EMS service policy. However this process might be delay.
We will provide you our best service.

If customer asks for low mark value price, refund amount might be different from item actual price.

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