[August 2020 Pre-order] Special Edition Vezeto & Doll pre-order

Hello! How are you? Lamrei is here for news!  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
I will post news for quick and short.
  Pre-order dolls | Pre-order items | New items  
  1. Pre-order for new special edition doll
    Vezeto ~Prisoner no.309~ (Cinnamon Brown) for limited time pre-order. (No quantity limited.)
  2. Pre-order for basic doll
    All basic dolls are opened for pre-order. (Benkel is unavailable.)
  3. Pre-order items
    Demon Horns, Headphones, leather goggles, welcoming set
  4. New items
    New carrier bag, new headphones, and new glasses.
Pre-order period:
 August 8 - September 1, 2020. 23.59 hr. GMT+7 Bangkok, Thailand.
Payment deadline: September 4, 2020. 23.59 hr. GMT+7 Bangkok, Thailand.
Payment should be completed within 7 days after you placed order and before deadline date.

  Estimate Delivery  
Due to the pandemic, shipment schedule is effected directly.
Shipment will be slower than normal. We're sorry for this inconvenience.
  • Vezeto ~Prisoner no.309~ (Cinnamon Brown) ➜ February 2021 ~ March 2021
  • No make-up dolls & heads ➜ December 2020 ~ January 2021
  • Make-up dolls & heads ➜ January 2021 ~ February 2021
  • Headphones and Leather Goggles ➜ November 2020
  • Welcoming Set ➜ November 2020
  Orders & Shipment during COVID-19 pandemic  
Due to the pandemic, orders might be shipped out slower than usual.

Customers may unable to select shipping method when placing orders, because shipping service is currently unavailable during COVID-19 pandemic. Some shipping cost may not shown during check out.

We may charge shipping cost BEFORE order is shipped. (Customers can place order normally).
We will notice customers to arrange shipment when Thailand Post allows shipment to more countries.
If you have problems about placing orders, please contact DollClans.
We will make order for you manually.
Please check THAILAND POST link here (click red icon below) for current available shipping service.
Thailand Post might open up normal service to your country when your order is ready.
Customers can place order normally and we will update your order status & shipment methods when your order is ready.
Available countries for shipment (Thai & English):
  Promotion for this pre-order  

Customers will receive 5% OFF discount when order full doll.
Cart will automatically give discount for customers.
✽ Can be used only once per customer.
✽ Not included limited edition doll.
  New arrival & Pre-order items  
You can check them here~
New arrival (SE: Vezeto and headphones are pre-order.)
Pre-order items

Mr. tan skin Vezeto is so cool! 
It's so good he's not limited quantiy! Layaway program is possible for him too! 

Okay, I think that's all for the news!

Take care, wash your hands and stay safe!
See you soon ~ヾ(・ω・)
- LamreiTan skin is so nice in my opinion! -


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