Thailand Post Postal Service Updated ไปรษณีย์ไทยส่งพัสดุไปบางประเทศได้แล้ว

Hi everyone! Tiger shipping at your service!

This is Jaquer, again.
Today I'm happy to announce that Thailand Post has updated information about destinations that international postal services are available.

We are now having difficulty of shipment due to COVID-19 pandemic situation.
Due to this situation, we cannot ship out our orders to some countries as usual and we need to keep customer's packages with us until services are available.

We're sorry for this inconvenience and I promise we will ship out your order as soon as we can!

You can check Thailand Post's announcement from this link below;

As you can see, Thailand Post only lifts restriction for 25 countries.
Countries that are not in list are unavailable for shipment.
From the list and from orders we received, please check information below:

We shipped out your orders normally. Your order will be shipped within 10 days from this announcement.
Some of orders already shipped on May 22nd. Please check your email for shipment information.

We cannot ship orders to Japan by Thailand Post.
However, we can ship your order by DHL services.
Please contact us for upgrading shipment method if you would like us to ship your orders.

DHL shipment is express service as same as EMS. 
If you selected EMS for your order, you can upgrade to DHL shipment free of charge.
If you selected registered airmail / ePacket / small packet , upgrading to DHL shipment will require extra shipping cost.

Please contact our staffs if you would like to upgrade shipment to DHL services.

DHL services will have import customs fee when package is delivered.

As same as Japan.
* EMS => DHL services : Extra shipping cost is required because different shipping zone.

Thailand Post allows only EMS service.

For AIR Parcel, we will upgrade AIR Parcel to EMS free of charge.
If you selected other services when placed order, we cannot ship your order yet.
If you would like to upgrade service to EMS, please contact us. 
Extra shipping fee is required.

Only surface mail is available.
Surface mail takes longer time to be delivered (1~3 months).
Shipping cost will be charged if you upgrade service from registered airmail / ePacket / small packet to surface mail.
If you would like to change shipping method to surface mail, please contact us


If you are okay to wait for future update and do not wish to upgrade shipping method, we will keep your orders safe with us until Thailand Post further lifts restrictions.
If you have any questions about shipment, please contact DollClans.

Please wash your hands, cover yourself with mask, social distancing and stay safe!

JaquerTiger Shipping is having headache! -

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