[June 8] Thailand Post update

Nice to meet you. The name is Wyper.

I take turn to announce this grateful news instead of Jaquer.
I know the news about our postal services are frustrating because of COVID-19 pandemic situation, but as of late, we're getting to see the hope for better days.

Words are, Thailand Post has updated their available international services once again.
Currently, international postal services are available up to 33 countries.
Some countries are yet restricted for specific services.
For example, EMS might be available, while registered airmail is unavailable.

You can check Thailand Post's announcement from this link by clicking icon below.
Thailand Post always update announcement via this link.
When you would like to check for newest update, please use this link for lastest news.
Countries that are not in list are unavailable for shipment.

[Click icon for Thailand Post's announcement]
THAILAND POST announcement for available international postal services.

While there may not be your country in the list, we expect that Thailand Post will update more services soon.
I heard our staffs has been busy contacting customers about getting their packages mailed.

Fear not, even though postal services are unavailable to you, the staffs will keep your package safe until they can ship package via shipping method you requested again.

If you have any questions about shipment, please contact DollClans.

Let me quote Jaquer's words before I leave to do my papers.
"Please wash your hands, cover yourself with mask, social distancing and stay safe!"

I know it's hard during this time, but do not lose hope.
Then I bid you farewell.

Wyper "Why do I need to do someone else's work?" -

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